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A and R

That warm box/envelope sound, so 70s has  come through the digitization ,wonderfully, What was the original equipment Dennis?


Good live sound recording Dennis, I'll resist the temptation to ask if you have any 'baked' fresh maggots? Oops!

Dennis Burns

For backline - although we used to use mainly Marshall back line in '73 (I had a  Marshall 100 driving 2 Marhsall 4 x 12's and later added a Marshall 50 driving another Marshall 4 x 12; and Mick had a Hiwatt 100 driving 2 x Marshall 1 x 18"'s). For this rehearsal recording however we borrowed Stiletto's backline (I used Grahams Fender Bandmaster 50 driving a Marshall 4 x 12, Mick used Arun's Fender Bassman 100 driving 2 Fender 2 x 15"'s (I think) and Leigh used my Fender Pro Reverb 50. 

The rehearsal was recorded on my old Sony TC630 reel-to-reel recorder which I sold years ago - I think I used Shure SM58's for mikes..  

Dennis Burns

Thnnks Kev, It is surprising considering it was recorded just using a stero pair in an empty club room... Re Baked Maggots - LMAO...

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Fresh Maggots / The Flys - we have more insect bands than Liverpool!

Dennis Burns

FYI, Aorta Majors "rent-a-crew" live fan base were nicknamed "The Insects"...... 

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